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Animefanzzz's One Piece Tv Review

One Piece

Rated: 10

It is soooooo originality! How often does a original pirate story hit the screen? I have to say, Eiichiro Oda has come up with some pure brilliancy here!

OMg !!!! that One piece is one of the best animes in the whole wide world! Its also oneof the kind! Its original anime! It has action, comedy and alil bit of romance! lol

One Piece is great, it's got everything, someone (luffy) who is out to prove he can be king of teh pirates by being himself, not trying to prove he's something he's not, and to give shanks his hat back of course. One Piece is a crazy adventure and I love the art syle, it's got something different that makes it stick out and stick with you. I LUV One Piece!

and lastly...
why i love one piece--
I <3 one piece because it's awesome. it's hilarious.

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